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Reading something???

Posted in Uncategorized by nepaleselaw on July 4, 2010
Lawyers always read. They have to keep on reading and should update their knowledge all the time. There are lots of books on core legal subjects and also on law based novels. Apart from Nepalese law that we talk in this blog, we will be also talking about issues relating to common interests. You are requested to put down your feedback in our comment section.

R U reading something? I am asking this question so that you can share something here in my blog. Like, I am reading two old books. One is Novel by John Grisham – The Associate. I am about to finish them. There are only 50-70 pages left. I think I can finish it tonight. Story is interesting in this Novel. It is about trapping a young lawyer and trying to steal secret information from a law firm in New York through this Associate. How is the ending? I do not know. After I finish reading it tonight, I will be doing a complete review of it from my perspectives though I am sure that many people have already written on it despite it not being any master piece and just a pulp fiction.

Another book I will be reading from today is about and written by Jawaharlal Neharu, Independent India’s First PM. It’s something about freedom in India – independence from British Colony way back in 1947 AD and Neharu’s take on freedom struggle and Independence. More will be here, once I complete reading them.

Have you recently read something? How did you find? Let us know.

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