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Here, I have posted some of the links from where we can access legal materials relating to Nepal. This will be a short post giving you some of the links of websites from where you can access information online. We hope that these links come to very handy to anyone who wants to do some research on Nepalese Law and its status and updates.

The first site that you can go through is Website of Nepal Bar Association. is the link which gives you access to the Nepal Bar Council Website and its membership details. Sadly, the membership information page looks like it has been created for the sake of it. is a page in Nepal bar Council where it gives the information on Requirements to enroll as a lawyer. is a link which gives you information whether foreign lawyers can practice in Nepal. The information says that Practice by foreign attorneys requires the permission of the Supreme Court of Nepal. For foreigner attorneys no permanent permission could be granted. They could be authorized to argue on case to case basis. I think that after Service sector is fully liberalised in Nepal, Nepal Bar Council removes this restriction. is another page which gives introduction about Nepal Bar Council. This page tells you what is Nepal Bar Council, What is does, when it got established etc etc.

You can also access Nepal Bar Council Page in Nepali from These are all the pages that are related to Nepal Bar Council. Finally, if you are appearing for Examination to enroll yourself in Nepalese Bar, You can access this page . I am not sure whether this page is updated and the course content is a latest one. I have no access to confirm it. But, you can take email id of Nepal Bar Council and mail to them from their page.

After going through Nepal Bar Council Webpage, I find that the website looks in a very nascent stage. The pages can be made more informative and can be updated more frequently. I feel that the pages can be couched with more information to make it more useful for lawyers, students and legal researchers.

Now, great Nepalese Legal site is website of Law Commission of Nepal. You can access the Law Commission of Nepal website from . It has very great resources uploaded here. And contains many information on statues, manual to frame laws etc. For example, you can visit where you can see statutes and other important documents that have been included in the website of Law Commission Of Nepal. You can click the various links on that website of Law Commission of Nepal and You can find many more information on the Nepalese Law. The Website of Law Commission of Nepal seems to be slowly developing and I am sure in the future, it will be a great place to search information on Nepalese Law.

You can click below mentioned links as well to find more about Nepalese Law and do not forget to explore the BlogRoll maintained by me on this webpage’s right hand side. Some of the links worth visiting:

This Site will be updated again Continuously

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I have decided to update this site again and continuously. I had not for a long time updated this one. As name suggests, the target will be to update about legal news from Nepal. I will be searching and compiling legal news as they happen in our Country.

This time when I am updating this blog, I am working the capacity of legal professional and not as a law student which I was when I started this blog. I completed my B.A;L.L.B (Hons.) from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad in 2008 May. Now, I want to enroll myself as a lawyer in Nepal Bar Council. Ideally, I should have done this last year itself but I did not get time to go to Nepal because of my job in India. I was taking awhile to settle in my job life in India. This time, I am planning not to miss the chance of enrollment in Nepal Bar Council.

As per Nepalese Bar Council rules, any LLB Graduates can get registered in Bar Council only after passing the written and Oral Interview Examination. Now, I should start studying Nepalese Law as per the syllabus prescribed by Nepal Bar Council. This Blog, I want to develop, as a one stop shop for many many Nepalese Legal Resources. Keep on reading me here.